Daughter is suffering from Loosed motions and high fever

Patient: My daughter is 9 months old and she is suffering from Fever and Loose motions. She had 102 fever yesterday but today she had frequently motions. Please suggest me the way forward. And please let me what are these symptoms?

Symptoms: Loose Motions and fever

Doctor: I can understand your concern.Baby teething generally causes itching in the gums and because of this itching little ones tend to chew unhygienic food items, toys, rubber etc. This leads to infection and upset stomach causing loose motion and fever.Presently keep your child adequately hydrated, give butter milk, soft easily digestible diet and in my opinion it will be better to consult a paediatrician. If fever is too high Antibiotics and fluid supplements may be required.In future be little more careful about the oral hygiene.