Day 6 of antibiotics still spiking a fever an extreme sore throat (strep)

Patient: I am a 33yr old female. I have had a intense sore throat for 2 weeks went to urgent care last Thursday was given a rapid strep test which was negative was told it was a virus. Was beginning to get body aches and fever went back to dr on Sunday had 102.9 temp and was told I had an advance strep infection (without swab) was put on augmentin 875mg 2x day for 14 days. I started the treatment that day so I am entering day 6 still have a still extremely bad sore throat radiating into jaw and ear and spiking fevers. Is this normal to not be getting better after 5 days of treatment? Should I return to dr on holiday weekend or wait it out for few more days?

Symptoms: Sore throat, white patches in throat, fever, body aches, pain and swelling in neck

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It common to not experience immediate relief of your symptoms when starting a course of an tibiotics for strep throat. Depending on the severity of your strep throat infection, it will require you to complete the entire course of antibiotics in order to experience complete relief. Antibiotics also work for days after the course is finished, so we recommend that you remain compliant with your medication until it is completed. This will allow the antibiotics to completely clear the strep infection in your throat. In the meantime, continue taking some oral analgesic medication such as tylenol for your pain, and fever. For your sore throat, you can try some sore throat lozenges and gargling with warm salted water.Thank you for choosing