Losing your job at any point in your life can be a distressing experience. Fortunately, there are always steps one can take to do damage control and gain back control over their life.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has led to millions of Americans losing their job, so it is also important to realize that you are not alone. In fact, the Wall Street Journal discovered that employers have shed an astounding 30 million jobs from their payrolls overall.

It’s clear that if you lost your job during the pandemic, it certainly wasn’t personal. While distressing, anyone in your shoes should take immediate action. Contrary to what one may be thinking, the best course of action is not to jump right back into the workforce and start applying to companies.

At this time, it is far more important to take preparatory action that can lead you to a longer-lasting career.

Obtain a New Skill

Revamping your skillset should be the first goal on your agenda after losing your job. You may not have been fired for a lack of skills, but the workforce is changing drastically due to technology and it is likely that another period of disruption is coming. Technology will be the driving force behind this second disruption and acquiring tech-based skills could be prudent.

Two of the skills that have been on the rise more than any are coding and programming. Entire fields have emerged from these two skills and the systems we use today, such as computers and smartphones, are built around those skills.

Rather than focus directly on coding, consider learning how to code an app. The number of coding jobs is going to increase, but learning to build a smartphone application is a skill that will last in the future.

As for specifically learning how to code, there are several coding bootcamps that can be attended which will provide anyone with the skills necessary. There are a number of tech skills that would be useful to learn while you can, but coding or programming are two of the most important.

Consider Gaining More Technical Education

What is better than learning a single new skill is gaining the knowledge needed to enter an entirely new career. Trade schools are an excellent choice for earning an online degree in a new tech-based field. Springboard is a popular example that offers online teaching and courses ranging from UX design to data analytics.

Depending on the institution, tuition may be deferred which could prove beneficial to people out of work. This will allow you to focus your savings on the essentials and only pay back your tuition when you find a job that pays you a substantial sum.

As technology changes the landscape of work, it will be important to stay ahead of the change in terms of your technical knowledge. Many sources have covered the benefits of attending trade schools, but the truth is that you likely don’t have time to return to a multi-year educational path, which is an added reason why trade schools are a fantastic choice.

Take Some Time for Introspection

Losing your job can cause your mind to go into overdrive. Take a minute to pause and consider the job or career that you were in. Was it actually the correct choice for you? Oftentimes, people end up in a career that first presents itself straight out of college, but isn’t the perfect match for their skills.

If your career was the right path for you then, by all means, stay on it. However, if you were less than happy, considering looking into the easiest degrees to earn online and pursuing a new path. There’s no shame in changing your career later in life, and treating this job loss as an opportunity to switch professions may be the best choice later down the line.


As mentioned, losing your job at any point in time, let alone during a pandemic, can be both stressful and distressing. The most important thing to do now, however, is to not panic.

With the right actions, anyone can overcome this troubling time in their lives and get back into the workforce, with a career that is potentially more lucrative than ever before. Technology is disrupting everything about the workforce and getting ahead of this change can stop you from losing your job all over again.