Dear Doc, I need assistance in reading my semen test result

Patient: Dear Doc,I need assistance in reading my semen test results, please see below:Volume: 2Colour: Opaque GreyReaction: AlkalineViscocity Liquefaction time: >1 hourPH: 8Sperm count: 40 m/mlActive Motile: 30%Sluggish Motile: 40%non Motile: 30%Pus Cells: 0-2Macrophages: 0-2RBCs: NilYeast/Bacteria: NilAbnormal forms: 4Immature forms: 3Agglutination: NilClumping: PresentPlease note I am 26 years old,not married, have not had intercourse around 6 days before the test, and done it in the clinic for the accuracy of the results, I just wanted to check as I have internal feeling that I have issues, so I did the test.Thanks

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query,The semen analysis report indicate that you have oligo asthenospermia which indicates decreased active motile sperms with moderate sperm count. you may require to be placed on TAB UBISURE twice a day for next 3 months to improve the motility and counts of sperm. However with these counts, infertility may not be an issue but in general counts and motility are affected in your case.Regards