Dear Doctor, I had a late missed miscarriage of my

Patient: Dear Doctor, I had a late missed miscarriage of my baby at week 19/20. This is my first child and with no experience in baby birth knowledged. My doctor did an induce labor on me and my baby were delivered in a complete amniotic sac. Doctor did an ultrasound the next day after delivery and claim that there is some retained placenta. I am being very skeptical with the doctor advice as what I understand is that the placenta is suppose to be inside the amniotic sac together with the fetus and baby cord.Is it possible to have retained placenta for my case?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If baby was born with complete sac like ‘born in caul’, pla centa will be within sac.If sac was ruptured, there is possibility of retained placental bits.Other possibility is, he might have mentioned regarding thickened endometrial tissue or decidua.Which may shed by its own and may not need intervention.Take care