Dear Doctor, I had a twin baby miscarriage in October 2014

Patient: Dear Doctor,I had a twin baby miscarriage in October 2014 at my 21st week due to sudden rupture and leakage of amniotic fluid. Doctors said it was too late but my gynecologist did not identify weakness of cervix. he said all was okay suddenly it happened. We had a big shock for us. During that pregnancy I was having continuous vaginal infection for that doctors were giving vaginal tablets and some mild medication. I was visiting doctor every alternate day and doctors say it happened because infection made my cervix weaker.After this I recovered mentally and physically. I joined a gym to reduce my weight and my weight is in normal range now.I am now pregnant again and this is 5th week. testing kit shown C as dark and T as faint that because I tested on 33rd day (my cycle vary between 30 to 35 days)We went to doctor on 34th day from the day of my menstruation. doctor was not able to get clear sonography and he was not sure but he said it might be a good news so do not worry but this is too early to check. and he asked us to come after two weeks.but now again I started with little white discharge, odorless. and feel in my mind like burning, (actually not sure because I am much scared from my past experience)I wanted to know whether this time will I need a cervix cerclage as a mandatory?I am scared of reading disadvantages of above stiches.above this I have to travel 8 hours from korea to India. because language here is a big problem. In this case should I travel after 14 weeks? and before stiches or after stiches? which one will be better?Please help I am very scared and in dilemma.Regards,meldima

Symptoms: Infection