Dear doctor Im trying to conceive I had an ultrasound scan

Patient: Dear doctorIm trying to conceive. I had an ultrasound scan on day 16th of my cycle.the result are as follows:The follicle seen in d right ovary 27.6*2.11mm and 23.1*17.6 ate collapsed and decreased in size and irregular in shape .Endometric thickness= 11.6mmSmall amt of pelvic collection.Conclusion: ovulation occurrdDoes the abce report indicate any pregnancy?

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query to ATD,As is evident that you have been undergoing an infertility treatment and have un dergone follicular monitoring to watch for controlled ovulation and then followed by timed intercourse or IUI.Your concern about whether there has been ovulation or not with follicles reaching a size of 27x21mm and then collapsing, with evident fluid in the pouch of Douglas indicates that ovulation has taken place.But this information doesn’t indicate any pregnancy as yet. The endometrium has been primed with good endometrial thickness and ovulation having occurred, it is now suggested that timed intercourse shall be practiced or IUI as decided by your treating physician.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health, regards