Dear doctors Four weeks ago I had a face lift

Patient: Dear doctorsFour weeks ago I had a face lift my operation end up for unusually long timeThe procedure should be a four hours; I was taking in 9 :00 o’clock in the morning and come out from operation room 9:30 at night 12 1/2 hours totalThe post operational recovery is not going well on my right side of the face,i still have a swelling ,my bottom right eyelid is hanging ,my right upper lip is weak when I pronounce certain words my mouth is crooked ,when I bend my right arm is getting numb the first the two week after operation when walk I felt pain in bottom in my right legI was in perfect health;got the cardiology clearance before went for operation, my question is ;did I have a chance to suffer micro stroke while I was under anesthesia for a such a long time and what specialist I should seeThank you so much for your help