Dear Dr I am 30y old and have not been drinking

Patient: Dear DrI am 30y old and have not been drinking alchole for more than a year. 12 days back i went to a club and had 2 big glass of beer with no water before or after and during that time one of the girls who i met there came and kissed me on my lips.I went back home slept immediately for 3 hrs only as i had terrible headache and hangover for almost 3 days.My lips dry and peeling also burning for 12 days now but recovering slowelly.My concerns are is this dryness because of alchole or i am a worried that i may have contracted herpes from that girl coz i remember but not sure that she may had sore on her uper lips but not very obvious.After 11 days very tiny pimple suddenly showed up under my lower lip with red color and the readiness disappeard after 24hrs, it looked like ingrown hair but came in the wrong time and area coz am confused.Plz help.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You may be having Mono or Herpesvirus infection. In an HPV 1 infection, it is possible t o get an ulcer on the mouth.See a Doctor to get a biopsy of the skin or a Tzank smear test to get the diagnosis. Treatment of Mono and HPV which you can get treated with antivirals and you only need antipyretics to help you with Mono fever if any.Hope this helps you. All the best.