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Dear dr i am a male i have had 2

Patient: Dear dr i am a male i have had 2 exposures recwntly with 2 different males..1. the frst one involved kissing….bidy rubbing…..i also had my oants n inderwear on at all times n he had his track pants on….my legs were up n he tried to penetrate me but with our pants n underwear on…i felt slight pressure of his penis…..yhis was just fr a few secinds…can hiv pass through his pants into my pants ?? would this be considered anal sex2. kissing ….mutual masturbation…giving n getting handjob…he alao rubbed his penis wiyh underwear in my groin area till he cummmed in his underwear….i think his precum also touched my penis head slightly… i at risk of hiv i have tested many times before in d past…but havent after these 2 exposures…never done anal sex and done oral sex once with a condom…really worried …plz help



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The extent of exposure that you have received after genital rub bing and hand job with pants on doesn’t expose you to HIV risk at all. HIV virus is transferred only through cut areas with blood contact or fluid to cut area contact. As you were both covered and dressed, hence there is no chance of transmission of HIV.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: thanks dr….that was a great relief…however just yo mention that i felt slight pressure of his oenis pushing my anal area. also the second exoosure when precum tiuched my penis….is that risky ….?? is kissing a safe activity? i have asked a few other drs as well onlinr….most said im safe …however one dr said i should be tested and there is chance of transmission….thats wat has been bothering me…i also have a slight swollen node behind my ear and i feel breathless sometimes ….am i totally safe ?
also could u plz elaborate which actucities are safe fr future ? thanks dr

Patient: in 2nd exposure precum touxhed my oenis head…i was nakrd n so was he

Doctor: If your penile head did not have any abrasions then precum alone cannot cause transmission. However the best way to rule out transmission would be a HIV RNA PCR test after 8 -12 days of exposure which is conclusive.

Patient: thanks dr…..wat about the frst exposurr…wear i had pants on ?

Doctor: no chances with pants on.

Patient: thanks a lot dr….what do u mean by abrasions ….as far as i remeber i didnt have cuts on my penis head…also have u seen any cases where hiv is spread from male to male withiut anal or oral sex ?

Doctor: abrasions are small cuts over skin which amounts to any breach in continuity of the skin integrity.
No i have not seen any such cases yet.
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