Dear Dr, I have an odd question, but feel I

Patient: Dear Dr, I have an odd question, but feel I need to ask someone…. Recently I was drinking at a popular/busy pub. While I was there, I went into the male toilets and used the urinal. While doing so a glass fell off the top of the urinal resulting in a large amount of urine splashing back onto my penis (as I was urinating at the time). My question is, am I at risk of contracting HIV from this incident? Should I be tested? I don’t remember if there was any blood in the urinal, but the urine definitely landed on my penis. Sorry for the strange question, but it is causing me a great deal of anxiety (night sweats, etc). Kind regards r.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Please do not think it is an odd ques tion. It is good to clear doubts and we are happy to help you.I won’t confuse you too much but be straight with the answer. There is no risk of HIV from this exposure. For HIV to occur unprotected intercourse with an infected individual, blood contamination, perinatal transmission and sharing infected needles are the only possible ways of infection spread.Moreover HIV does not survive outs for the human body for more than a minute and is definitely not present in urine.So kindly do not worry.Hope this was helpful,Regards.