Dear Dr I played golf yesterday and backhanded a throw

Patient: Dear Dr.I played golf yesterday and backhanded a throw of a golf club, and injured my shoulder doing it. It felt like a rotator cuff injury. Today I have complete mobility of the shoulder joint however I obviously have some pain on the back part of my shoulder joint. Could it be something very serious? Or do you think it may be sore because of stress from the throw?As mentioned I have full mobility of the shoulder joint but certain areas have a bit of pain. Would you recommend I see a specialist or would rest be the best next procedure.Thanks for your timeRegards

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. You are l ikely to be muscular pain due to muscular strain. Its treatment is rest and analgesic such as ibuprofen for relief. Vitamin B and C is helpful in recovery. Your injury does not seems to be serious as you have full range of movements of shoulder. But it is no harm in consulting specialist ( orthopaedician). Investigation such as x-ray and MRI of shoulder will be helpful in further investigating your injury. Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.