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Dear Sir I am recently married on last sunday

Patient: Dear SirI am recently married on last sunday and enjoying sexual life happily but from the day i am doing sex 4 times in a day and on last thursday i have done twice in the early morninng back to back and again twice in the early morning back to back on friday and afternoon once then from friday night my pennis is not becoming strong and its just like normal and and the next day also same problem hence asked friends they said no worry due to excessive sex might it will be like that wait for one day hence i am waiting and from yesturday it is comi g strong while doing romance and it is going down with in 5 mins once it comes strong . I am getting scared kindly suggest regarding this probelm.Shall i meet any Sexologist pecialist?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,There is no apparent dysfunction, but the present inadequacy to s ustain erection is due to increased frequency of sex during the last week. You need to now spend more time on foreplay rather than on intercourse per se which shall help you maintain your erection for longer period. The element of performance anxiety also plays a part in it and hence foreplay shall help.Moreover i would not suggest you to stop having sex for some days as its your post marriage period and hence you may opt for vasodilators like SILDENAFIL (viagra) , one tab an hour prior to sex, not more than once a day and that should indeed help you sustain erection.The element of stress and exhaustion during the day and during the act also plays a role in sustenance, so try keeping yourself relaxed before the act or you may take a hot shower to help soothe your senses, this should help.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Dear Sir
Thanks for the information.
When we do excessive sex with in a short period of time by unknowingly how many days it will take to refresh as previous.
Kindly suggest best food items to eat hence it will refresh as previous early
If i take viagra is there any side effects in further .
This case which i explained it is any problem or normally people will comes with this issue in newly married life.
From friday ight it is in normal mode and from saturday night it is responding and becoming strong and agian going down at the same time hence i am not able to spend time on foreplay nor sex nor romance.

Doctor: Hello,
It generally takes 3-5 days for one to regain one’s sustenance. This is infact common during excess sex episodes and one needs to keep oneself well hydrated to beat teh stress. Eating will not help, but destressing would.

Patient: Dear Sir
Thanks for the info.
If i take Viagra it will impact anything in future.
Shall i take one single tabet per day or half tablet is enough?
Like this how many days i need to take ?

Doctor: You should start with a low dose 50mg tablet twice a week and should stop as soon as you don’t feel the need for the same. Don’t take it daily for fear of priaprism which is sustained erection for more than 4 hrs at a stretch in cases of overdosage.

Patient: Dear Sir I have a small Q?
To get baby what is the exact time to have sex? After the Date of lady when we need to do sex to get baby? Can you help me with this answer.

Doctor: Hello,
In a 28-30 DAYS cycle period ovulation usually occurs by day 14-16, so ideally day 12 -day18 is your fertile period when chances of pregnancy are higher.

Patient: Thank you Sir.
If the cycle period is 33 days or 35 days then how we need to calculate ?

Doctor: The best way to calculate ovulation is through OVULATION KITS. The test to be started from day 10 and then daily. The day it shows a positive result indicates LH SURGE, and that means that in next 36 hrs ovulation shall occur , so you can then plan accordingly.

Patient: Thanks for your valuable information sir.
As you said In 28-30 cycle days Ovulation occurs by day 14-16 like that
For 33 cycle days , Ovulation might after 3 days by Day 17-19 . Shall I calculate like this ?

Doctor: the best way still is to use ovulation kits.

Patient: Hello doctor , Hope your doing good .Thanks for your valuable information always.
As per the observation my wife having irregular periods always
sep : 45 days
oct :35 days
nov : 33 days
dec : 43 days
Last period was on Nov 27th and next recent period on today 9th jan.
we planning for a baby but it is not happening ?
Please suggest which Ovulation kit is the best one to buy in the market ?

Doctor: you have already crossed your quota of free follow ups. please ask a fresh query. thanks


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