Dear Sir/Madam, I am a boy of 25, 5’6&rdqu

Patient: Dear Sir/Madam,I am a boy of 25, 5’6”, 52kgs. I want to be a bodybuilder and my parents support me too. It’s really my dream. But the only problem is I had an unfortunate incidence of seizure 4 years back. For that I have to take Trioptal 300 and Frisium 10 twice daily. There is no other restriction on me. Doctors permit gym too. However, for bodybuilding and especially gaining weight, you understand, we need some supplements. My trainer has asked me to take some good weight gainer and multivitamins. Only the quinolone drug is prohibited for me, but no other restriction on food or drinks.Could you please suggest which multivitamins and weight gainers are safe for me (like Opti-Men or Muscle-Link Armour V? I really love bodybuilding as a sport and want to build up a muscular but healthy body.Best RegardsSouvik