Dear Sir/Madam I am Md Jakaria, a graduate pharmacist Sudde

Patient: Dear Sir/MadamI am Md. Jakaria, a graduate pharmacist. Suddenly, my younger sister faces pain in her lower abdomen. She has irregular menstruation. Now, a doctor assume that UTI and suggested that laboratory investigation, urine routine exam and ultra sonogram of lower abdomen.In results of microscopic examination of urinePus cell: Present 2-3/hbfEpithelial cell: Present 1-3/ hbfBut other parameters are normal.Results of Ultra sonogramUrinary bladder: normalUterus: Just bulkyThere is ill-outlined mixed echogenic complex mass, somewhat lobulated in appearance, measuring approximately 5*4.5cm is seen at left adnexa might be of ovarian origin.Cul-de-sac: No free fluid collection is seen in Cul-de-sac.Comment: Suggestive of complex left adrenal mass-might be ovarian originSo, therefore, help me further information about this problem and solution. Is it is critical problem or not?. Please response me. I hope your kind response as soon as possible.RegardsMd. Jakaria