Dear sir/mam, I am 26 years old and i am unmarried

Patient: Dear sir/mam,I am 26 years old and i am unmarried. Almost each morning , when i wokeup , running nose and sneezing starts. It happens whenever climate or weather change also. Running nose and sneezing stops almost at afternoon. I was taking medicines , dexona avil and asthalin. When i stop taking these medicines , it started again. Apart from that last winter , i take honey with hot milk at every night. I was ok when i taking milk with honey. But my parents suggests that milk with honey is not good for health in summer. So i stopped taking. Running nose and sneezing started again.One more thing,i don’t know that why heat is coming from my hands and body whenever other person is so cool.I am helpless plz help me because i contact so many doctor but result was same.