Dear Sir On 7/6/2015 I visited a massage parlorWhen i enter

Patient: Dear SirOn 7/6/2015 I visited a massage parlor.When i entered the massage parlour lady at the massage Parlour was with her customer in the room so i waited.When she got finished with her client i went inn.MY question is:1, lady was having sex with her client before i come and would have touched his genital and then she touched me will i get infected in anyways.2,When i got on the bed their were wet towels spread over the bed and i was on that bed will i get infected.3,The lady poured some cream on her hand(hands were unwashed and she was with her client before) and then she touched my back will i get infected4,She was on the bed and i was on top of her.She was fully covered in t shirt and pant and i was on my shorts and then i rubbed my genital against her thighs simultaneously i was also touching her genitals) .will i get infected in any way5,I also in hailed her breath will i get infected.i have no sex history.Please help me and advice me.What test would you recommend me.Regards,Daniyal