Decreased Emotions, Do I have Depression?

Patient: Why do I feel so…blank? I’m not sure if blank is the right word but, I’m a girl, I’m 16. I feel so I don’t know, disconnected? When I’m at home I’ll sit in my bedroom staring at something, motionless but to me it feels like even though there’s something there, it’s like an unfurnished house, empty. If I think or talk to myself mentally, my mind is blank sort of, I’ll say something e.g. “I wonder what my friends are up to?” It’ll be there but it quickly sinks away and in a way echos the word ‘friends’. I feel rather emotionless but at the same time, emotions numbly running through me over and over. Tell me what’s wrong with me?

Doctor: It is difficult to make a diagnosis of mental health issues on the Internet.  A proper diagnosis requires a thorough his story and this involves a long back and forth conversation with a health professional you trust.  A visit with your family physician, psychiatrist or psychologist is highly advised. Depression is a condition which occurs due to imbalance of various chemical substances in our body. The signs of depression may be as follows low mood, presence of guilt, decreased appetite, decreased sleep with early morning awakening or increased sleep, loss of interest in activities that usually used to interest individual, Low energy, pyshcomotor retardation ( slowing of physical movements and mental thinking process), Decreased concentration, suicide ideations etc Depression is a curable condition and one may need pyshcotherapy along with medication, relaxation therapy and counselling.