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Decreased sperm in semen analysis

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Hello, I am 28 years, I've got married 5 months ago, i passed the tests for viruses, and witch were successfully recovered. then i passed analysis on semen, on percentage of sperm, I was stunned, the analysis showed 0%, more precisely, there are sperm but they are dying,said the doctor . Please advise and explain what should I do and , how to raise the percentage of semen . thank you and waiting for your help.


Fertility issues in men could be cause by various condition. This could be due to i) decrease in sperm numbers known as azoospermia, ii) Decreased sperm movement and shape called asthenospermia. A lot of underlying medical or genetic problems can cause infertility in men and the prognosis will only be clear with a through history, physical examination, semen analysis, ultrasound examination of the testis, post ejaculate urinalysis and testicular biopsy. The chances of fertility may be improved with various treatment options like extraction of the sperm directly from the testicles and use it to fertilize an ovum, medications to stimulate sperm production etc. depending on the cause azoospermia.

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