Decreasing HCG level at 3rd week pregnancy

Patient: I am 3 week pregnant, my urine test was positive, and 1st blood test was 200. I repeated hcg level 2 days later and it was 140.Yah forgot to say i’ve spotting since 2 days before my ovulation. Occasionally have crampsI have a history of mis carriage 3 times in 2 years, every time was around 3rd or 4th week pregnancyI started clomide for 2 cycles including this one and i take duphaston pills (dydroprogesterone10 mg ) since my ovulationDo u think i may still pregnant or i’ll miscarry very soon???And should i stop duphaston?

Symptoms: Decreasing hcg, bleeding and cramps

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually, the expected beta hCG levels at three to four weeks of pregnancy are 5 to 420 mIU/ml.So, according to that your beta hCG levels are within normal limits but as the levels are decreasing, as you are having spotting and as you are having previous history of miscarriages, the possibility of pregnancy is doubtful.But as the process of abortion is not yet completed, you can continue progesterone tablets and along with better to go for hCG injections with your doctor’s advice.If the bleeding stops with this, repeat beta hCG levels after one week.If the levels are increasing, your pregnancy may continue.If your spotting continues even after taking tablets and injections, there is less possibility for continuation of pregnancy.Take care.