Deep pain pulsating Through out left side of ribcage

Patient: Deep pain pulsating Through out left side of ribcage area below the chest from front to lower back of left side sometimes stabbing feeling through out. Pain level consistent at 6 with occasiaonal ,spikes 10 constant discomfort. And shortness of breath about 3 days

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I have read you history and understood your problems.You have got deep pulsating pain i n left rib cage area below the chest, from front to lower back. Pain is severe and for the last 3 days you have shortness of breath.When considered all the symptoms you have noted, the first diagnosis clinches is about the Pneumonia of the lower lungs with Pleuritis. This alone can cause part of the symptoms, pain being referred to the areas you have mentioned.Of course the most important first thing to do in such a case if to have urgent EKG (ECG) to rule out any cardiac problem, X-ray of the chest, and relevant blood tests.Clinical evaluation and actual physical examination to see for the chest and abdomen gives a clinical diagnosis and is very important in your case.You may please consult a Doctor ASAP and get the proper diagnosis done to have a proper treatment.I hope this answers your query.