Deja vu dizziness

Patient: I get these deja vu moments where I feel dizzy, like I am going to pass out, and my vision starts to go black, but then I snap out of it. These happen infrequently most of the time, but have occurred a few times the past few weeks. Could this be something serious?

Symptoms: dizzinedd

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Changes in awareness, dizziness, and pre-syncope (feeling faint) could be indicative of man y serious conditions which can be related to changes in your blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, neurological dysfunction, seizure disorders, or even intracranial neoplasms (brain tumors). We do not want to alarm you by giving all of these possibilities to your illness, however it is possible that what you are experiencing could be of a serious nature. Please see your doctor for further evaluation, and testing to be determining the actual cause of your illness.Thank you for choosing