Delayed period, 2 weeks, Could I still be pregnant?

Patient: Hi, I’m 24 years old and still a virgin. My period is late for nearly 2 weeks. I got no discharge and no menstruation symptoms though my cycle is quite regular. I did fool around with my boyfriend at the end of my last period cycle but there was no ejaculation near my vagina (I’m wearing panties) though he did fingering me. I took two home pregnancy tests after 10 days of missed period and both were negative. However, I did not use first morning urine. So is my test still accurate or I need to re-test? Is there still a chance that I might be pregnant?

Doctor: A urine pregnancy test is best done after 2 weeks of the sexual act. It is also advisable to test it on the morning urin e sample. You may need to re-test it after another 4 days to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. A delayed period may due to a lot of factors with stress being a common one. If your periods are not regular in the next 2-3 month, I would suggest that you see your doctor.