Delayed period , protected sex but condom slipped off

Patient: I had my period on 19th feb and i had sex on 13th marchi used condom but it slipped off as my partner kept on stroking even after he ejaculatedi did not feel anything getting insidei took ipill within an houri also drank parsley juice for 3days along with vit c (with ascorbic acid) tablets (per day 6mg total 18mg in 3days)now its 17th march and i still did not get my period (i have a 28day cycle)what are the chances of me getting pregnant? when should i take the home pregnancy test?

Symptoms: No period

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you took emergency contraceptive pill within 1 hour after intercourse the possibility of pregnancy is less.Better to avoid excessive intake of parsley juice or vit c tablets etc, as there are no proved evidences regarding their efficacy in preventing pregnancy and also as excessive doses can lead the side effects.Usually after taking emergency pill, it will take around 1 week to 10 days for the onset of the withdrawal bleeding.So, better to wait for few more days.To get the accurate result regarding the positivity of pregnancy, urine pregnancy test is recommended 3 weeks after intercourse.Take care