Delayed periods after stopping OCPs

Patient: I have been off birth control pills for a month, I was supposed to get my period last Friday and have not. I was on the pill for six years and felt that it was time to get off of it. However, my boyfriend and I continue to have sex and he uses the pull out method, he is very good as he doesn’t want me to get pregnant either. I am worried that something is wrong. Is it normal to have a late period once you stop taking the pill. I was very normal before this.

Doctor: Your delayed periods could be the result of pregnancy or due to the effects of the birth control pill. It sometimes take s 3-4 months for periods to return to normal after stopping the pills. You may need to do a urine pregnancy test due to that fact that you are having unprotected sex. The best time to do this test is 2-3 weeks after the unprotected sex. Hope I could clarify your doubts.