Delayed Periods After Stopping Pill

Patient: Hello, i have been on the pill for 3 years ,- desogestel 75mg – and have stopped taking it for a break. i have stopped taking it now for 3 weeks and still have had no period.. i was taking anti biotics the week before i stopped taking it, could this effect it in anyway?

Doctor: There is no way to know when a woman will have her first period after stopping a contraceptive pill. Though the pill doe s not cause any alteration of the menstrual cycle, it may mask certain underlying problems that cause irregular or delayed periods. A short delay of 2 -3 months before having a period is not unusual. If your periods have not returned six months after having stopped the Pill, then I would suggest that you see your doctor for an examination and blood test to try to determine the cause. The most common causes of a lack of periods are weight loss and stress. Medical conditions such as thyroid disease can also be responsible, as can other hormonal abnormalities. It is unlikely that the antibiotics you took could have caused the delayed period.