Delaying My Period with Mercilon

Patient: Hello. My boyfriend is coming over on august 18 and we plan to have sex but right now i’ve been having my period around the time he is planning to come. When should i start taking the 21-day mercilon pills to be able to delay my period by that time?

Doctor: Birth control pills may be a good option to time or schedule your periods. However there are not the only option and nee d adequate counselling and examination before use.If you have used birth control pills before, it is okay to start a pill pack in this cycle. If you have never used the pills before, it is important to go to a doctor or health care provider or a counselor to discuss your eligibility to use the hormonal contraceptive pills. There are certain conditions such as breast cancer, hepatic tumors, history of deep vein clots, ongoing treatments of coagulopathies, pulmoonary embolism, heart disease etc that contradict use of a birth control pill. There is a certain degree of risk with use in people aged over 35, smokers, migraine sufferers, diabetics etc. that warrant an evaluation before starting the pill.When it comes to your health, I always suggest that you make no compromises and take the safer alternative.