Delaying period while on Diane and Androcur

Patient: I am on Diane 35 (birth control) and Androcur (100mg per day for days 5 to 15 of my cycle) and would like to know if it is safe to skip my period (i.e. do not take the placebo week and continue with the active pills)? I have done this before whilst only on Diaane 35, but is it safe while taking Androcur as well?

Doctor: Androcur is a drug that primarily contains cytoproterone acetate which mainly works as an anti androgenic drug ie agains t the male hormone testosterone. However it has been to proved to have some weak progestational activity( female hormone necessary for menstrual cycles)  and that is why is it prescribed in the latter part of the cycle. While you it may be ok to go off the medication in order to avoid your period and there are no major side effects that are expected, it is usually best to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Doing this may  make your cycles irregular and lead to hormonal dysbalance.