Delusions, and suicide attempt, depression

Patient: My freind has been hearing voices and believes he is possessed. he has been extremely depressed and had a suicide attempt recently. he wanders into the desert at odd hours and has been doing heroin i believe he can not go to the doctor due to residency issues and i am extremely worried for him i dont know what i can do please help

Symptoms: delusions self mutilation suicidal thoughts

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that your friend is going through such challenges with mental illness and dru g abuse. The best way to help him is to try your best to communicate the dangers of using heroine with a mental illness such as his. From your description, it is possible that he has a mental illness known as schizophrenia. Since he has already attempted suicide, he is at a very high risk of endangering himself and others. Speak to him first, try to reason with him if he is willing to get help. If he is not receptive to help, then there is not much more you can due, as it is ultimately his choice if he wants to get treatment.Thank you for choosing