Depo Contraception: Important Info and When to have Unprotected Sex

Patient: Just finished my period two days ago and got on the depo shot yesterday,when will it start taking effect ; when can I start having unprotected sex without worrying about getting pregnant?

Doctor: I would presume this is your first time to use depo. The more important detail is the 1st day of your period (Day 1). If the depo was injected within day 1 to day 7, then you will be protected at least 3 days (March 2) after the depot was injected. This is the earliest you can have unprotected sex but to be sure, since this is probably the 1st time you have used depo and your body may still be adjusting, wait for 2-4 more days before having unprotected sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy. If the depo was injected on day 8 or beyond, then there is a possibility of failure, ergo, pregnancy. Wait for at least one week (7 days) before having unprotected sex. If you had the depo on day 8 or beyond and you’ve engaged in unprotected sex already, a pregnancy test may be done 2-3 weeks after. You may experience some menstrual irregularities w/ depo use so consult your doctor when this happens. I do hope this helps. Take care.