Depo Povera Question

Patient: I have a question about depo provera.I was on depo for a year and I had my last injection September I was due for another on January but I didn’t got to get it because I wanted to get off of it. Middle late February I was ovulating, I saw white thick discharge and then later I saw clear sticky discharge a week or so after I started my period with a heavy flow, does that mean that the depo is out of my system and my body is back to normal already?

Symptoms: Menstrual

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query.If you have experienced ovulation and also resumed your menses again after a single sho t of 3 monthly Depot provera, then it is likely that you are no more protected from pregnancy by Depot provera anymore and it is likely that you can get pregnant hence. The Depot is, yes, out of your system completely.Hope it helps.Regards