Depression and procrastination

Patient: 19 yeas oldand a depression patient and I am on the tablets sate 50 mg, epiox 300mg, aripmt 10mg ….I do feel good by these, but I find it difficult to get things done….I am not able to do anything and I cant maintain my focus more than 15 to 20 minutes…..I used to have very good focus at first but now since 5 years its all gone …..I dont have a friend circle to hang out with, I am not able to study and I get bored all day having to do nothing and that boredom makes me feel anxious….any reasonfor such strong resistance?? Any solution would be highly appreciated….

Doctor: We have noted your concerns. The treatment of depression needs careful consideration. Please do visit your psychiatris t to confirm whether dose is sufficient or to increase or add another / other drugs. With the best of treatments, some residual or personality treated issues or milder depression likely dysthymia may persist in the intervening period, which can make you procrastinate. Psychotherapy, counseling or cognitive behavior therapy may help. Please do discuss with your doctor.