Depression, heaviness in forehead and eyes

Patient: My mom is having depression, heaviness in forehead and eyes.Her eyes blink too frequently and without any reason she starts crying.These problems started suddenly. She says that nothing is bothering her, but she can’t control herself.Our doctors says that it may be due to harmonic changes.She took medicines prescribed to her, but ain’t worked. We are not sure what exactly is the problem???

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There could be several causes for you mother’s symptoms. First of all, your mother could be experiencing a depressive episode. This can be treated with the use of medication and therapy. We are not certain as to what type of medication your mother was prescribed, but assuming that this was a course of antidepressant medication it is important to note most of these medications take up to 3-4 weeks to notice observable improvement in symptoms of depression.Another possible cause of her symptoms could be a dysfunction of her Thyroid gland resulting in decreased thyroid hormone. This is called Hypothyroidism. When thyroid hormone is low, fatigue, and depression could ensue. We recommend that she follow up with her doctor in order to have a complete thyroid study conducted.Once the exact cause of her symptoms is determined, she will be able to start the appropriate treatment. We hope she feels better.Thank you for consulting with your medical question.