Depression or BiPolar

Patient: I am seeking help for my adult son that has suffered from untreated depression for many years. In the past 2 weeks he said he felt like something snapped and electricity ran through his body. now he has crying spells for no reason, gets angry enough to want to kill, throws things around. Yesterday he left his wife without telling her and left his wedding band and cell phone. He came home 3 hours later and said he found himself driving on the interstate and does not remember taking off his ring. I am so worried and he does not want to be locked up and lose work hours, doe not want to go to the ER since they “would think he only wants drugs”. He is 35 and a very hard worker. he went to his family dr yesterday and he prescribed him Prozac. The Pharmacist told him it would take a month to help and all the possible side effects. he was so angry he threw the bottle at his wife but I did convince him to take a pill last night. Please tell me what I can do for my son before something terrible happens.