Patient: I tend to get depressed when something doest go according to me. I tend to get depressed allot. I just cant share with my mother as i don’t want her to take tension of myself. I tend to take Crocin which is freely available here in India and due to which i get a good 8-10 hrs of sleep. Is there any long time disadvantage of doing so?

Symptoms: Depression

Doctor: Indeed yes, if depression is the state and the problem, then depression need to be treated. Though depression is a sel f-limiting problem, often it needs regular treatment. There are whole lot of treatments available, both pharmacological and psycho-social.Crocin can reduce headache, but is not helpful in correcting your depression. Crocin or paracetamol are not indicated for your problem, that too high doses or prolonged usage in some it can produce liver problems. Please do meet your psychiatrist.