Desire to Have Children

Patient: Im 20 going on 21 and ever since I turned 19 I have had this uncontolable desire to have a child. Even though I have so much more in life to do and I would like to be more financialy sound and be married before I have a child – I still have this very strong desire to have a child, to the point its is sometimes heartbreaking to see other friends and famliy members become pregnant. I ofter dream about having a baby. I want a baby but I dont want a baby and it is so confuzing. Is it normal to desire to have kids even though your not ready and is it possible to make the desire to go away or make it very minimal?

Doctor: The desire and need to reproduce is probably the strongest urge in human beings after seeking ffod for survival.  Your f feelings are normal and do not require any assessment by a health care professional unless the thoughts are interfering in your daily work, social and relationship life.If the thoughts are becoming intrusive, I would suggest cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment approach.