Desperate for help

Patient: My SymptomsConstant stomach tightnessUnable to pass gasFrequent nose bleedsExtreme fatigueDiharrea (immediately after eating)Exsessive phlegmSwollen glandsWheezingConstant pain when breathingextremely sore throat and neckdifficulty speakingFrequent urination (waking up to urinate 5 to 10 times each night to urinate)NausiaConstipationFood getting stuck in esophogusvomit and solid food coming back up into mouth hours after eatingExtreme back painThese are symptoms I experience daily for the past year. They’ve rendered me unable to work. I have been tested for asthma and took an allergy skin test. I was diagnosed with mild asthma and take advair daily which doesn’t seem to help my breathing difficulties whatsoever. Last year I had an edoscopy done because food kept getting lodged in my esophogus to the point where I couldn’t wash it down or bring it up. The biopsy showed eosiniphillic esophogitis. I swallow two puffs of a Flo vent inhaller twice a day and this has helped a great deal. Food no longer gets lodged easily. However over the past year all of the symptoms listed above have gotten so severe that I’m finding day to day life unbearable. Please help me.