Desperate for some info

Patient: I had my tubes tied 5 years ago while i was having my 4th c section.i was receently looking into having it reversed when i discovered i’m pregnant.the doctor who tied my tubes ran blood work and said my levels are low so i’m probably going to lose the 2 days she wants me to go back and have the levels checked again.she is guessing my levels will be down even more.what bothers me is that she won’t allow me to have an ultrasound to determine if the tied are still tied.she wants me to just go on birth control.can’t figure out if thats because i have no insurance or because she doesn’t want me to sue her or something (which i have no intention of doing)even if it is risky i would love to have a baby and she’s freaking out and acting like this is a huge mishap that will hopefully go husband wants to pay cash and take me to an imaging center.what should i do? the doctor said just wait but that doesn’t seem right.