Determining STD vs Strep vs Viral Infection

Patient: I have had 5 different sexual partners within the past 2 weeks. I was with the first four partners during the first four days. On Day 7, I got an STD screening (via urine sample) and it came back clean. However, I had to frequently urinate/it hurt to urinate between Day 5-12 and so on Day 13, I called my physician and asked for medicine for a potential UTI and was given Nitrofurantoin Mono, which I have been taking from Day 13 until presently (Day 15). I did not have a urine test to confirm the presence of the UTI.However, I had sex with my fifth partner on Day 12, and between Day 13 and Day 14, I noticed that the lymph nodes in my neck were a bit swollen. Additionally, on Day 14, my throat felt a bit off, and on Day 15, I noticed small white patches on my tonsils, which were also swollen/inflamed.I do not have a fever and my throat does not hurt; it just feels dry. I do, however, have some slight dull aches in my pelvic/thigh region. I do not see any ulcers or rashes or any other symptoms.On Day 15 (today), I went in and saw a physician, who did a quick strep and mono test. I tested negative for both, though they will be running a more comprehensive strep test to rule out other strains of strep I could potentially have.My main concern is this: I did have unprotected oral sex with three of my sexual partners (they were part of the first four), though they all said that they were clean. I am1. not sure if my first STD screening was performed too early for anything to be diagnosed –maybe I caught something but it needed time to show up and those 3 days in between the sex and the screening may have been too short?2. what are the chances that I may have contracted something like oral chlamydia or oral gonorrhea? My physician today did a throat swab to check for that and I may know within the next few days.3. what are the chances that this is just a virus?4. b/c I am still on meds for my UTI, will I have to wait until I am done with the antibiotics before getting another STD screening?

Symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes, white patches on tonsils, swollen/red tonsils, dry throat, aches in pelvic and thigh area, sensitive vaginal opening