Diaa is an asthma patient, he was sick but

Patient: Diaa is an asthma patient, he was sick but it was normal he had a virus and took antibiotic and he was okay and then he traveled alot and caught a virus which is called pezdominas, he was having high tempture and always coughed so hard, we took him after a couple of days to the city hospital in dubai , they said he have no oxygen in his body and he needs to stay for a couple of days to have enough oxygen in his body , two hours later they said his in a dangerous case and we need to put him in the ICU, he stayed for 2 days without the tube in his mouth but he was setated , the next day they said the oxygen machine is not working we need to put the tube in his mouth and he stayed for 17 days almost setated and the tube in his mouth , then they wanted him to wake up so they said they wanted to do an injury under the apple of Adam and they will open about 2 cm and they will put a small tube to keep him breathing while not using the tube , so they can wake him up , the next day they have put the oxygen amount that the machine gives him on 45% but then his heart beat and pressure rate got very high and they changed the amount of oxygen back to 55% and till now 9th May 2015 8:18 pm they can’t wake him up and he is still sleeping.today is the 36th day for him staying in the icu , setated.whenever they wanted to wake him up his pressure rate and heart beat get higherI please want to know what is the next step and if these people are doing the right thing for diaa ???