Diabetes & sexual life

Patient: Am 56 yrs of age , I was diagnosed that I was suffering from diabetes 2 yrs ago , sugar levels have been oscillating between 140 – 220 high when am not dieting a little, am on medication consuming 1-0-1 tab of melmet SR 500 , my father also had diabetes

Symptoms: General weakness and loss sex appetite , penis does not erect – how to resurrect myself to have normal sex life

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you for your medical issues.Diabetes is the leading cause of Diabetic neuropathy which can cause Erectile Dysfunction (the problem with erection). You need to get workup done for that. Diabetics are prone to atherosclerosis of blood vessels that can also cause Erectile Dysfunction.Your blood sugar is not under control. I assume that your doctor will raise the dose of metformin for you to get your blood sugars under control. You should get a Colour Doppler of your penile vessels done to rule out any evidence of Atherosclerosis in the vessels supplying your penis. If Doppler is normal you would require treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy causing Erectile Dysfunction. In such scenario, I prescribe my patients Sildenafil which is to be taken as on when required basis before the act. I also prescribe high dose Methylcobalamine that also helps greatly in Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetics.And last but not the least, your blood sugars need to be in proper control to prevent further damage. I hope I am able to help you with the possible diagnosis and it’s management. See your doctor and do share my opinion with him.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.