Diabetes and protein levels

Patient: I developed diabetes after a total thyroidectomy due to cancer. But, lately I have been struggling to keep my blood sugar up and have twice woken up shaky and blood sugar was in the low 60’s. I was told to eat a protein bar to keep my blood sugar level, but my microalbumin showed that I had a protein level of 100. I am concerned about eating the protein bars because of this, but I don’t know how to keep my blood sugar up. Can you offer any advice?

Symptoms: low blood sugar, protein blood work level is 100. Shaky and feel out of it the rest of the day.

Doctor: Hiso you have diabetes and recurrent hypoglycemia, and kidney involvement with microalbuminurea. Eating the protein ba rs does not affect urine protein. You probable need a medicine called ACEinhibitor.you should see a physician and discuss about ittake care