Diabetes, cold and regurgitation

Patient: Hi, I have a question. My mom has diabetes (the one where you take insulin by syringe). For this past week, she’s waken up with either too low or too high sugar levels. Since yesterday (jan. 15) she has been feeling sick and cold.. she’s been shivering a bit. Also, she breathes with some heaviness. Today morning (jan.16) she woke up with a high sugar level, took her dosage of insulin, but is still cold. It’s about 37-40┬░F outside, but her room is hot (heater is on), and she even has three blankets covering her. Right now she regurgitated, but only water. She doesn’t want me to call a medic, so I decided to ask here. Please help. Thank you so much for also helping others.

Symptoms: Feeling cold, slightly shivering, regurgitating, sleepiness