Diabetes Effects on Mental Status and Hyperglycemia

Patient: Can someone with Diabetes get confused and “almost” drunk like when their sugar level jumps up over 500? Isn’t this what they call Diabetic stroke territory?

Doctor: I understand your concern about high glucose blood levels and mental status changes. Certainly high glucose levels can b e present when DM-1 and DM-2 are not managed properly.Mental status changes can vary from full alertness to profound lethargy or coma, with the latter more frequent in DM-2. When this event occurs, immediate treatment with intravenous fluids and insulin could reverse the state. These are acute events and should not be confused with diabetic stroke.Diabetic patients are at greater risk for stroke compared to people without diabetes regardless of the number of health risk factors they have.  A Stroke occurs when blood vessels becomes damaged or blocked, preventing blood from reaching an area of the brain. Risk factors other than diabetes are hypertension, high cholesterol and smoking. A combination of them increases even more the chances of it. That is why it is recommended to comply with your diabetic treatment and lifestyle changes.