Diabetes – ideal glucose levels and medications for control

Patient: Hi, My husband has been diagnosed of Diabetes , recently. I want to know that what is the ideal glaucous level for blood, when should we check glaucous level, Doctor has advised Glucopheb 500 mg and metobal 500 mg, Can he leave taking Glucopheb when glaucous level is normal ? his weight is 85KG, hieght is 5-5 , age 42

Doctor: The timings and normal range for the blood sugar levels in diabetics is as below:- Before breakfast or Fasting and Bef ore meals, the normal range is 80 to 120 mg/dl or 4 to 7 mmol/l- 2 hours after meals, should be less than or equal to 160 mg/dl or 5 to 10 mmol/lIt is not recommended to reduce or change the dosage of the prescribed diabetes medications because the type and the frequency of the dosage is usually titrated against your sugar levels to keep it within the recommended normal range. If you keep a record of your blood levels regularly and they seem to be well in control, you may discuss this with your doctor for changes in the medications under his supervision.