Diabetes Medicine?

Patient: I was diagnosed 7 months ago with type 2 diabetes, by my VA Nurse Practitioner, I was not told any more as to what was going on or treatment. I had an appointment recently for another matter at which time she asked about my Sugar level, I had no way of knowing. Shoud I be concerned that I have no testing equiptment or any Medicine? Should I try to see an MD at the VA or outside of the system. I am 70 years old.

Doctor: Hiyeshigh blood sugar or diabetes is a matter of concern as it may affect eyes, kidney, nervous, heart etc.You nee d to check HbA1c to get an average of blood sugar of last 2-3 months and then see a physician to start medicine and meanwhile start doing exercise and diet control.Even a brisk walking for half an hour is goodtake care