Diabetes Symptoms

Patient: I am experiencing some symptoms in which I believe could be related to diabetes. My family has a history of this disease. My grandpa had type 1 diabetes. The symptoms I am experiencing include, constant thirst, dry mouth, frequent headaches along with a light headed feeling, I also frequently get shaky. I mostly get a shaky feeling all through out my body and it last for a while sometimes up to an hour or so. Sometimes I get a chill up my spine and get a shiver. If I am hungry I get very sick feeling and if I don’t eat quickly I vomit. I rarely but sometimes get chest pains where it hurts to breath in deeply. I sometimes feel tingly in my feet but it is very mild. I also sometimes feel a strong pulse in my upper thigh and upper arm. When I was younger I would wake up with a very rapid heart beat and it would last for ten to fifteen minutes, this rarely happens to me also now that I am older. I’m not sure if all of these symptoms are diabetes symptoms or not, should I be worried?