Patient: My brother is a diabetic and he is having uncontrollable chills with the feeling of fatigue. Should he be concern or go to the hospital. He has not had and medication for his diabetes in a while.

Symptoms: Chills and Fatigued

Doctor: Hi,I am very pleased to be assisting you with your health question. Any diabetes with chills and fatigue need to be ev aluated by a health worker, as it may be starting of infection or hypoglycemia. Both of the conditions are life threatening. See your physician as soon as possibleHope this helps and provides answers to your question. I wish you good health, take care

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Guest: I could come to know that I have Diabetes Type2, after detecting, it was found that i have been maintaining weight but it seems to be that my mussels have reduced tremendously and how to reequip my body to a good posture