Diabetic foot ulcer

Patient: I am a type II insulin dep.diabetic who has a drop foot issue with my left foot as a result of vein harvesting during bypass surgery last year. A couple of months ago, I fell and hurt the 2 small toes on that foot. My PCP ordered Xrays to check for fractures. No fractures, but an ulcer on the 4th toe.I saw a podiatrist who gave me Bactrim and a product called PRISMA to put on the ulcer .The toe is swollen and reddish, and the ulcer is still present. When I first saw her, she said that she would do what she could, but there was no guarantee of saving the toe. Amputation? A week after the first visit, she immediately started to talk about when she can do the surgery, how it is done, etc. My questions weren’t really answered, how will thios affect my already hampered gait? Will the little toe move into that space? Is there another treatment that is not so extreme? This terrifies me. Any advice?