Diabetic Labwork

Patient: I am a recently diagnosed diabetic, for 2 wks. Last wk I had my first fasting blood panel (fasted 10 hrs) and urine test. I have several items out of range: Glucose-246, Chloride-95, Calcium-103, Alk Phos-50, Total Cholesterol-300, Triglycerides-1047, HDL-35, Micro Albumin-2.07 and A1C-9.2. I have been on Metformin 500mg 2 times a day as well as BP med and anxiety meds. I know what the averages are on the abnormal values and that some are quite high, in your opinion, will I be able to manage/control this with meds, diet and exercise?

Doctor: Hiyou sugar readings are very high, cholesterol is shooting up and kidneys are also affectingYou need to go for insu lin, it may be shocking for you but given the ciucumstances, I strongly advice you to start insulin as now kidney are start affected.Probably after controlling your sugar, you can switchover to oral medicines.Also tight control of BP by ACEi group of medicine and statin for cholestroltake care, and donot forget to start exercise and diet control